Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sophomore English

Antigone has been caught burying her brother in defiance of the laws of the king. Next week, we find out if Creon will go through with his plans to kill Antigone for this crime. This week, we have written on what kind of leader Creon really is. Next week, we will be writing about Antigone's pity party - she did the crime, but she doesn't want to do the time.

The Gilgamesh projects are in, and the grades should be posted by Friday at 3:00.

Sixth Period Presentations

Sixth Period students did Chapter Presentations for The Scarlet Letter. The projects and presentations will be on second quarter's grades since we weren't able to get through all of the presentations during one day. The purple vocabulary sheets will count on first quarter. Great job, guys!

A visit from J. Scott Savage

Far World author, J. Scott Savage, visited the Science Fiction/Fantasy class Wednesday, October 28. After encouraging students to keep writing, he signed posters for the students. Slade invited Mr. Savage to visit.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where the Wild Things Were on Saturday

Members of the Science Fiction/Fantasy class enjoy a cultural experience at Where the Wild Things Are. And yes, we had a great time!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Junior Honors

This week, we have worked on Act One of The Crucible. Students have been completing reading journals to help them prepare for essays on this important play. Next week is the last week of the quarter and The Scarlet Letter Projects are due next week. Second period will be Presenting on Tuesday, and sixth and eighth periods will be showing off on Wednesday. Students, don't forget your starters; you will be handing them in next week. Be sure to check Skyward and make sure your grades are not a surprise.

Fourth Period - Hard at work

Today, sophomore classes wrote on Creon's leadership abilities and then we had a quick peer review. We have finished with Scene One and Ode One. Next week, it's the last week of the quarter and we will be handing in starters on Tuesday, October 27. We will be reading Scenes 2 and 3 of Antigone, too.

Second Period Snapshots

I had to take these off the blog a while ago. By popular request, they are back.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Science Fiction/Fantasy Class

Next week, students will be presenting on their magical creature research. Eventually, students will make their own "Magical Creatures and Where to Find Them" books.

Every class period students will need to report their reading. Just remind your student that they do not want to have the pink tulip of shame on their paper.

Saturday, October 23rd, we will be meeting to attend an afternoon showing of "Where the Wild Things Are". There will be details in class. If any family members want to come along, you are certainly welcome.

October 28th, J.Scott Savage, author of the Farworld series of fantasy novels, will be visiting us. Special thanks to Slade who suggested that we invite him.

Sophomore English

The Gilgamesh projects are due on Wednesday the 21st. We have gone over everything in class, so most of the homework is just finishing everything up. This isn't an assignment that can be done in an hour, however. Since it is the only homework I have given my sophomores this year so far, I'm expecting fantastic work.

Next up, we will be talking about standing up for what you believe in as we study Antigone.

Junior Honors

We are now proving how incredibly capable we all are. Students should be working on their Scarlet Letter chapter presentations. Students are encouraged to read Spark Notes before attempting the book itself. The presentations are the 27th and 28th of October.

We will be starting The Crucible in class next week. These two great works of literature have a lot in common. We will be doing reading journals that deal with characters, themes, plots and analysis. And of course, the discussions and timed writes will be intense.

We have been working in groups this week, too. Groups produced a comparison/contrast essay on Jonathan Edwards, the fiery Puritan minister, and Patrick Henry, a Patriot of the Revolution. If you weren't here, please get that in to me as soon as you can.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sophomore English

We are working on The Epic of Gilgamesh. Today, students read "The Story of the Flood" and we compared Gilgamesh's story to that of Noah. We also went over Freytag's pyramid - something that will be part of the Literature Experience assignment. There is no due date for that yet - we will decide together when it will be due.

On Friday, October 9th, we will finish reading Gilgamesh, peer review the writing we did today on the ups and downs of immortality, and work on a Theme Essay for the Literature Experience assignment.

On Tuesday, October 13th, we will be having a test on Gilgamesh. On the 15th, I will be out of the building for a district meeting, but students will start working on Antigone, the classic play by Sophocles. It's a tale of family loyalty and putting the will of the gods ahead of the will of man. Very dramatic.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Science Fiction/Fantasy Class - presentations

Fold-A-Book for Junior honors due!

Just a friendly reminder that the Fold-A-Book, the worst and most complicated thing we do all year, is due in class next time. For A day students, you need to have it here at the FIRST of second period so it can be evaluated. For B day students, you need to have them here at the first of your class.

I realize that there are some who will be on field trips, out for surgery and so on. If this applies to you, bring your project to me early and I can get someone to evaluate it. If you have an excused absence, I will excuse you from the FAB evaluation. You will need to write an essay on material in the FAB. I would suggest that you find a question from the FAB of a friend ( the field trip attendees are going to exchange essay prompts) and spend no more than 30 minutes hand-writing an essay for evaluation either on the 9th (A day students) or the 12th (B Day students).

Also, don’t forget that we will be starting The Scarlet Letter on the 9th and 12th . Be sure to have a copy you can mark up in class. It is worth points.

Parents, thanks for your patience and support as your student learns to do something difficult well. I’m really pleased with what I have seen so far. If your student doesn’t quite finish it, please send him/her to school with it anyway. I would rather have something here than nothing. The students told me that 4 weeks was plenty of time to get this done, but I realize that many of them will put this off until the last minute. I apologize for any chaos this may cause in your home.