Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fold-A-Book for Junior honors due!

Just a friendly reminder that the Fold-A-Book, the worst and most complicated thing we do all year, is due in class next time. For A day students, you need to have it here at the FIRST of second period so it can be evaluated. For B day students, you need to have them here at the first of your class.

I realize that there are some who will be on field trips, out for surgery and so on. If this applies to you, bring your project to me early and I can get someone to evaluate it. If you have an excused absence, I will excuse you from the FAB evaluation. You will need to write an essay on material in the FAB. I would suggest that you find a question from the FAB of a friend ( the field trip attendees are going to exchange essay prompts) and spend no more than 30 minutes hand-writing an essay for evaluation either on the 9th (A day students) or the 12th (B Day students).

Also, don’t forget that we will be starting The Scarlet Letter on the 9th and 12th . Be sure to have a copy you can mark up in class. It is worth points.

Parents, thanks for your patience and support as your student learns to do something difficult well. I’m really pleased with what I have seen so far. If your student doesn’t quite finish it, please send him/her to school with it anyway. I would rather have something here than nothing. The students told me that 4 weeks was plenty of time to get this done, but I realize that many of them will put this off until the last minute. I apologize for any chaos this may cause in your home.

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