Monday, September 27, 2010

We are working on the initial stages of our service-learning project. Students are choosing a project to present to the rest of the class. In the process of this, students will learn about memos, data collection, questioning, and presenting professionally.

The two-hour service learning assignment is due on October 20. If students worry whether or not the service they have chosen is appropriate, they should come see me.

This class will be a little different for most students. I am using a business model. Students must meet deadlines, they should give me professional-quality work (or at least work that looks like they tried for professional-quality), and they need to show mature, responsible behavior in class. I am stressing preparation, punctuality and personal accountability. My goal is to have these students ready for the real world by June, since they will be expected to compete in a world that is very demanding. I will always give them a way to redo and resubmit work, but ideally, I would like to encourage them to do it right the first time. So far, I am very encouraged.

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