Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Science Fiction/Fantasy Class

We are now working on the science fiction part of our curriculum. In class, we are watching a sci-fi movie clip of the day to analyze the elements of science fiction and to get ideas about how others have done it in the past. The goal this quarter is to produce a script for a short film/TV series.

Friday, November 20th, the Story Seed Assignment is due. Students should have written a story using a “seed” I gave them. We will share these in class. If students wish to, they can use these as the catalyst for their scripts. We are working on designing a set for our stories, too.

For the reading part of class, we are reading a total of 10 short stories by Ray Bradbury. Of course, if students get really interested in his stories, they can read more, but they should have the stories completed and the assignment for this done by November 30th. On December 2nd, we will be having our test for this.

The last half of the quarter will be spent on Literature Circle books and more writing, of course. This time, however, the students will help me design the assignments for reading. As creative as these students are, I’m sure it will be quite exciting.

These kids are great! (In spite of the Yoda incident today…. )

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