Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Junior Honors

We will be starting work on the Commonplace Book next week. This will be done mostly in class, but there will be some finishing up that will need to be done at home. I’ll give you due dates after the classes have been able to talk about it.

On November 19th and 20th, the Portfolio Assessment is due. As part of that, students should have rewritten a previous assignment and made at least three major revisions to it. We will be glossing these in class (highlighting and explaining the revisions made). Please remind your student to get this done – we have had two back-to-back writing assignments and I don’t want them to forget.

Next week, we will be reviewing figures of speech – those metaphors, similes and other devices writers use to make their writing more readable. These will be part of the Commonplace Book. Part of the struggle with the Commonplace book is finding samples of figures of speech/poetic devices. I’ll do my best to make sure they have access to those examples here at school, but they may be searching through your old literature or poetry books to complete the project.

Today we had a timed write and we will be analyzing it next time in class. Students will give me samples of their writing to share with the rest of the class to get feedback. It’s always a lively discussion.

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