Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sophomore Research Paper

Students are being assigned the research paper today in class. Basically, what it boils down to is this: Students are to find a social problem of some kind and research it. Since some topics are a little controversial, a parent needs to okay a topic by Thursday. Your student should have a signature on the cover page by then and it is worth points. We will then go down to the library and learn about citations and research.

Here’s the timeline:
3 December, topic is chosen, students will be taken to the media center to research
7 December, students will betaken to the English writing lab to research and write. I will not be here as I am expected to spend the day in training at the district offices. Depending on their behavior, they will be given more time after I am back. I will assume that if they use this time wisely, they need more time to write and research.
15 December, in-class peer review. The paper should be typed, double-spaced in traditional font and with citations and a bibliography. The paper should be about 6 pages long.
21 December, the paper is due. No papers will be accepted after December 22, since I do not want any student working on anything for my class over the break.

In addition to the research paper, which will take some time at home or after school here in the library, we will be working on test-taking skills and brushing up on writing.

Part of the expectation of this research paper is that students will find a problem that they can help solve. Each student is really a force that can make this world better. It is my hope that students will realize that one person can make an incredible difference in the world, and that they will find something they want to change for the better.

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