Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Junior Honors

Today second period started work on the Commonplace Book. There are several handouts that go along with the assignment, so if your student was not here, he/she needs to come see me right away.

Here’s the time line for this:
Dec 1 &2, assignment given, time in class to get started
Dec 3&4, time in library to work as groups to identify literary devices and find examples of them
Dec 7&8, time in English writing lab to work on literary devices and poetry
If time is used well on those days, more time in class will be given. I will be out of the building for training at the District Offices December 7th and 8th and the substitute will monitor class progress.
11th and 14th of December, presentations on the Commonplace Books are due
15th and 16th of December, groups will present on different poems from the packet
17th and 18th of December, the Commonplace Books are due in class
21st and 22nd of December, the big test on all of the Commonplace Book terms. This is the only “regular” test I give. Students will know what is on the test and be given a chance to study for it.

Just a reminder that your student will need a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by January 12th. We will also be reading The Great Gatsby beginning in March. I don’t care if the book is used or new, but the student needs to be able to mark the book up in order to benefit the most from the reading experience.

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