Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sophomore English

Those students who turned in a research paper got their projects back today (1/6). Most were evaluated by two honors students who were grateful for the opportunity to give feedback an learn from the experience. The sophomores evaluated the feedback they received as well. If your student had more than 5 typos or grammatical errors of any kind, they received a zero and the chance to fix it.

Here is how it will work: Students can just clean up the errors and give me the edited version by Tuesday, January 12 and I will give them the higher score of the two evaluators. Or, they can use the feedback and do a rewrite and try for 200 points instead. Ask your student what their plan is. Normally, I would expect the rewrites back by Friday, but I will be out of the building on Friday. Therefore, I will expect the new version stapled to the old version in my basket by 3:00 on Tuesday.

Today, we decided what we will be studying for the rest of the year. After talking to first and fourth periods, they decided to study Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar; Dante’s Inferno (four of the 34 chapters of this classic, plus some background knowledge about the times of Dante), Dandelion Wine, (a book by Ray Bradbury based on his childhood experiences), and Animal Farm, (a historically significant novel about the evils of communism and its rise in the Soviet Union). So, that is a basic outline as we go on towards June.

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