Monday, January 25, 2010

Sophomore English

Sophomores are in the middle of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. We are reading the play, listening to a dramatization and watching the film. I’ve been pretty pleased with the questions and comments that have come up in class. The students are starting to understand the complexities of Roman Politics. After we are done with Julius Caesar, we will be studying Dante’s Inferno – a greatly abbreviated version.

Feb 2, 3, and 4, Sophomores will be taking the UBSCT test. They should report to their PACK teacher and he/she will give them some punch and cookies to get their brains going and then they will have the opportunity of showing how incredibly smart they are.

The UBSCT has three days of tests. The first test is reading and will go over all kinds of reading, not just stories. The second test is Math. Math problems will be given up to the Algebra 1 level, so look for Pre-Algebra and Geometry questions. Students can use a calculator for half the test. The other half, they will have handouts to help you remember formulas. The last test is on Writing. Students will be given a prompt about a school issue and will be asked to write a persuasive letter, essay or speech that takes a stand on one side or the other of the issue. In the past, topics have been things like school uniforms, vending machines, movies in class, fines for smoking or swearing and so on. We will be doing a little bit of review just before the test.

Other dates to keep in mind... Feb 1 and 2 is registration in your history classes. There are several of my sophomore students who definitely should take an honors class. If your student is going to Herriman High there is a chance he/she will have me again for a teacher. I would love that.

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