Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Junior Honors

We discussed Of Mice and Men in class yesterday and today. While most of us agree that we don't like the ending, we have to admit that there weren't many choices for George. Next up, we will be doing our first timed write in class. The object of this assignment is not to do an amazing job, though that would be lovely. What I will be looking for is evidence of the writing process - especially organization. More than likely, this will cause a brain ache, but that is a very good sign.

Since I really do want to improve reading and reasoning skills, we are also going to be taking a portion of an AP Literature Multiple Choice test. No worries. Everyone passes this one. I just want students to read the passage and the questions carefully and find words they don't understand. When they answer the questions, I just want them to write down the reason why they chose that answer. We'll work on them in class together to figure out the "right" answers.

Just a reminder that students should have a copy of The Scarlet Letter in class on October 5th and 6th.

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