Friday, September 11, 2009

Science Fiction/Fantasy Class

Your magic kingdoms are due on Tuesday, September 15. Next week we will be working on creating your rules of magic for your kingdom.

Today we worked on researching myths from various cultures. In many stories, mythical creatures, characters and events are used to move a plot along or provide substance and credibility to a story. We also talked about the various kinds of conflict found in stories. You can't have a real story without a conflict or two.

On Monday, September 21st, we will be having a special speaker, Phillip Jones. He is the author of Crystal Moon- World of Grayham. He will be giving a reading, leading a discussion about writing and will be giving a t-shirt and book to each student. The book is in rough draft form. Mr. Jones is giving books to students and asking for feedback on his writing so he can make revisions. If you are interested in finding out more about Mr. Jones or his book, you can visit his website at or . Reviews of his book are also on

Don't forget! September 23rd, you need to have your reading done for Once and Future King.

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