Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Science Fiction/Fantasy Class - a schedule

Today we worked on in our groups. The presentations to the rest of the class will be on September 30th.

We are working on Phillip "Big Dog" Jones' challenge to read the rough draft of his book. We are working to give him feedback on his writing. Shayla S. has already emailed him about a change and he has made it! The final edition of the book will have Shayla's suggestion! Hooray! This is NOT an assignment. No one is required to read the book.

So, here's the schedule for the rest of the quarter for this class:
9/28, The Rules of Magic is due. I have handouts if you need them.You will get the chance to work in your groups to get ready for presentations
9/30, The Once and Future King presentations will be in class.
10/6, you will get your Literature Circle Books
10/8, we are headed to go to the library to research Mythical/Magical Beasts
10/26 Literature Circle Presentations - each group will advertise their book
10/28 We are hoping to have another author come to our class. We're still working on it.
11/2 We start on Science Fiction. I'm not sure where in the universe this quarter will lead us, but I do know that we will be building a rocket ship of some kind.

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